How does Pusher track and use IP addresses?

As per our privacy statement, Pusher tracks IP addresses of our customers to track usage of the customer dashboard for logging purposes. These IP addresses are stored indefinitely and we use them to monitor potential issues and abuse of our platform.

Pusher also tracks IP addresses for end users. This includes any browser or device that connects to the Pusher service. These will be stored for no more than five (5) days for logging purposes only. If an end user receives an application error, it will be logged and made available through the customer dashboard in the apps error logs. Only the 100 most recent errors are stored.

The IP addresses are not aggregated or reported on and are never shared with any third-party as a matter of course. We may on occasion share certain client IPs with the owners of the corresponding apps where they are relevant to ongoing support investigations.

If you need IP anonymization this may be available on a dedicated cluster. Please contact sales for more information.

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