How do I redeem a Pusher coupon code?

If you’re one of the developers who has won a Pusher discount code, would like to redeem it  but are not sure how, you have come to the right place.


The whole process consists of a few simple steps, which are described below.


Step 1: Sign up and log into your free account

If you don’t already have an account, go to the Pusher website and create a free account.

The free Pusher account has restrictions on the number of concurrent connections, messages sent, etc. So you’ll need to pick the paid plan of your choice first and then input the discount code to activate it.


Step 2: Go to Plan & Billing

Once you’re logged into your free Pusher account, click on Plan & Billing, top right of the dashboard.

Step 3: Select the plan of your choice

Select the plan that works best for you, and click on ‘Upgrade’.

Step 4: Complete the upgrade form with the discount code

Complete all the required fields of the upgrade form (billing information, billing address, etc.). In the “Billing Information” section, enter the discount code.

Et voilà! You’re done. The discount will automatically apply and the billing will be adjusted accordingly.

Enjoy your Pusher account :)


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