How can I downgrade my Channels plan?

In order to downgrade your account, you need to click the one of the Downgrade buttons in Plan & billing page of the dashboard.


Why does the downgrade not work immediately?

Your plan will not be immediately downgraded. Instead, you will remain on the current plan until your billing period ends, at which point you will be automatically downgraded. When you have a pending downgrade, you will see a banner in the dashboard which shows the date that you will be downgraded.


The Plans & billing page on the dashboard will continue to show your old plan until the downgrade date.

Pusher delays downgrades in this way so you can continue to make use of the higher plan for the period of time that you have paid for. Our service is not pro-rated, so you cannot claim a refund for the period of time between initiating a downgrade and the end of your billing period.

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