How can I debug my Channels webhooks?

Developing and testing WebHooks triggered from a hosted service like Pusher can be tricky. But there are a number of tools that can help you.

Was the WebHook triggered?

The best way to check if a WebHook was actually triggered is to look at the Pusher Debug Console. It will tell you:

  1. If the WebHook was triggered
  2. What the HTTP status code was from the WebHook endpoint


Capturing WebHooks

There are a few handy tools that you can use to simply capture HTTP requests. These are very useful when working with WebHooks. An example is:

Developing locally

The best solution for allowing WebHooks from Pusher to access your local development server it so use ngrok. It provides you with a public URL that you can set as your WebHook endpoint and proxies the WebHook call to your local development server.


If you find another tool or have any tricks & tips that make developing with WebHooks easier please drop an email to or click the "Submit a ticket" button below

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